SEO Comparison Bennett University vs Sharda University

3 min readJul 14, 2022


From my previous blog post, one can say that I have mixed feelings about the SEO of Bennett University’s website. Certain parts were significant but some of them need improvement. To know about my analysis check out my previous blog post about Bennett university

Today I will compare its competitive university(Sharda University) from the exact location and give my opinion at the end.

Photo by Iñaki del Olmo on Unsplash

Mobile Friendliness

After testing both the websites it is found that both the websites are mobile friendly with all of its webpages.

URL Optimization and Structure

All the pages of both the websites, their URL’s are short and descriptive. All the letter are lowercase and page titles are relevant with clear favicon.

Image Optimization

This is where one the websites fall short. In sharda Univerity’s website all the images are not loaded where as in Bennett University’s no such problem has been encountered.

Screenshot of Sharda University website(broken Images)

Schema Markup and Snippets

Here we can observe very clear distinction when it comes to Schema Markup and Snippets. At the time of writing this article Bennett University launched an ad campaign in Google Search feature detailed meta description and Snippetes catering to search intent where as Sharda University did not have and snippets but, has detailed Schema Markup including the google map location.

Screenshot of Sharda University’s Schema Markup
Screenshot of Bennett University’s Schema Markup

Website’s Load Speeds and Performance

Both websites are very sluggish for desktop as well as mobile. but, Bennett university’ website is slightly better when it comes to Desktop and Sharda University’s website is slightly better when it comes to mobile.

User Experience

This metric can’t be measured using tools rather through perspective.When comparing both the websites I found out that Sharda University’s website has a video playing in the background which makes it very attractive and pleasing to viewers where as bennett university’s is much condensed with information. But, I found no difficulty accessing and navigating through content.

Final Thoughts

At the I find no much difference when it comes to SEO techniques used but, there are still differences among them like Sharda University’s website is much more creative and colourful where as Bennett University’s Wbsite is much more informational.