Whys do Dog's Mental matter?

Dogs are considered man’s best friend because they are perfect candidates for affection and friendships that will last long. They are also intelligent species that can identify the physical, emotional, and psychological status of the human person for who they tend to care. They always stay with us in any situation But are we aware of their mental health because the survey says around 19% of pet dogs are clinically depressed and their owners are not even aware of it. According to National Veterinarian Association, the stress levels in the dogs have increased significantly

But, Why Should We Care About Our Dog's Mental Health?

Because having a dog is a massive boon if we can unlock its full potential. In the recent findings, it is proven that dogs can detect fluctuations in our blood sugar levels which can save plenty of lives. Due to their olfactory senses, they can act accordingly to our emotional status to make us feel better. They can also safeguard our overall wellbeing, Aren’t dogs really a god's gift to humanity.


But, we tend to not care when it comes to dogs' mental health because people are less aware of the negative impacts of bad mental health.

Top 3 Dog Mental Health Issues


Like most of us, dogs are accustomed, and when their routines are disturbed, they might feel uneasy. Additionally, they may experience anxiety due to traumatic events like being hurt in a dog fight or separation anxiety. Dogs may exhibit the following signs of anxiety:

  1. keeping the eyes closed
  2. excessive licking of the lips or air sniffing
  3. Ignoring those who approach them
  4. Yawning while not exhausted
  5. walking in circles or back and forth

Dogs that are anxious may also show signs of restlessness and difficulty settling. You could also see alterations in their eating or drinking routines.


Does depression affect dogs?

It’s a nice question, but there isn’t a straightforward one.To compare it to human depression, we can’t truly know what goes on in their heads.

However, we are aware that they are capable of profound melancholy and depressive symptoms, just like:

  1. lack of appetite
  2. Fatigue
  3. Inability to sleep or excessive sleeping
  4. A lack of social engagement

Dog depression is often transient and frequently results from a significant life change, like relocating etc.

As the dog becomes used to the scenario, it frequently goes away on its own.

Compelling Behaviour

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is not as commonly diagnosed in dogs as it is in people. We are unsure if they experience obsessive thoughts, which characterise this condition in humans. However, unfavourable feelings like dread, boredom, irritation, and anxiety can trigger obsessive behaviours.

These actions are overdone versions of what a dog would normally perform, repeated over longer intervals of time and in unexpected circumstances. For instance, you wouldn’t think twice if your dog was licking a sore paw, but if they were doing it all the time, it may be a sign of obsessive behaviour. Compulsive behaviours include the following:

  1. Yapping
  2. Chasing tail
  3. overly licking
  4. Progressively moving
  5. Excessive Chewing and many more

Certain compulsive tendencies might be detrimental to pets. Constantly licking dogs can lead to skin diseases or severe wounds. Sucking on anything might cause choking or little bits being swallowed, which can block the intestines. Dogs have been known to follow after and attack their tails, severely injuring them to the point where amputation is required.

Canine Mental Health Issues are Prevalent

Although mental health problems can affect any dog, they are a prevalent and painful concern for canines that have been mistreated, neglected, or abused. Smaller breeds like Chihuahuas, Shih-Tzus, and Jack Russell Terriers may be more prone to anxiety.

Please Consult a Veterinarian or a professional when you find your dog ill. You can also have some lifestyle changes to make improve your dogs' health. Early therapy will help you avoid disruptions in your household, which can be distressing for everyone there, as well as injuries caused by obsessive behaviours.



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